Welcome to Proto Makerspace’s page of policies, below are PDF documents that are to be filled out and signed as a member, volunteer, and or instructor.

The documents are available in hardcopy at the makerspace and a signed copy of each member, volunerr, and or instructor is kept on file.

Code of Conduct
Electronics-Computing-Networking Policy
Member Agreement
Shop Rules and Conduct
ProtoMX LLC Release of Liability
Terms and Conditions for Classes and Camps

This is an All-in-One set of the above documents that you may print out and bring into the makerspace after you joined.

If you have questions or comments please email us at: admin@protomx.com

We would like to the thank the various maker and hacker spaces around the country as we borrowed the best of their various policies in the making of ours, that help has been invaluable!