Xikar cigar cutters

Selecting your cutter is just as substantial as picking the stogie itself. The same attention needs to be provided to the cigar devices they use. As with the actual components of a cigar, there are a variety of choices offered when it involves stogie cutters. They range from single or dual blade cutters to the v-cutter style, and they vary in price and high quality also. Regardless of what design you choose, it should be sharp enough to permit a remarkable cut on whatever dimension of cigar you enjoy. Both allow for a small portion to be cut off, resulting in the wrapper remaining undamaged as well as a long term draw. V-cutters are produced bigger stogies and come with both sides to make a deeper, tidy piece completely through. Which one you choose to utilize is absolutely an individual option. The stainless steel blades of these cutters are housed in a distinct ergonomic, raindrop formed external casing. The outside is offered in a variety of colors, in addition to chrome and wood. Their line of product of cutters consists of the Ultra Slim, X8, Xi, Xi2, Xi3, and also the Zx lines. In taking a more detailed look at one Xikar cutter particularly, the Xi2 is a much more inexpensive, lighter weight cutter consisted of nylon fiberglass, which is available in a number of metallic colors. Its double action stainless steel blades give a tidy, flush cut with the push of a single button. A rubberized manage is likewise offered on this first-rate cigar cutter. They are a little bit on the hefty side, yet their excellent cut and distinguishing characteristics make the Xi3 a cutter for a significant stogie lover. Your cutter’s efficiency can easily enhance the level of the cigars taste, while it’s look can make a strong declaration about you as a stogie cigarette smoker.