Overview of xml technologies

Core XMLExtensible Markup Language (XML) is a specification by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) for developing markup languages such as XHTML. The XML spec is being utilized in a significantly vast array of applications for trading data between different environments, platforms and media. XML schema records and schema languages are used to verify as well as record XML markup languages. XSLT files can be compared to CSS records yet are far more effective. XSL-FO papers are written in XML as well as manage the format design in a result paper in a very thorough manner. It permits the interpretation of layout masters from which are acquired page sequences for producing the last paper web pages. XPath, XML Linking Language (XLink), and XML Reminder Language (XPointer) are all supply solutions for connecting and addressing when dealing with XML documents. XPath expressions are made use of in XSLT documents to deal with particular nodes within the power structure of the XML resource document. XLink is essentially a technique of producing links within XML documents.