3d printing stocks

Copyright (c) 2013 Kevin Powers

There has actually been quite the boom going on in the 3D printing market. There was one certain line that caught my interest. It went something like “we have been living in a 3D world with 2D technology, yet we will step into a 3D world with 3D technology”. Stratasys LTD. Ticker– “ADSK”– Autodesk has actually been around for fairly time creating sophisticated software application for design, architecture, building, manufacturing, media as well as home entertainment. Ticker– “DASTY”– Develops Windows-based mechanical style automation software for strong modeling in the design as well as production industries. Organovo Holdings, Inc. Ticker– “ONVO”– This is more of a speculative stock play holding a market cap of around 220 million. I would love to anxiety that this business has not generated positive earnings and is still in growth stages. Well I assume we can officially say that the cats out of the bag. 3D printing is claimed to disrupt every industry it touches, altering the face of manufacturing as we understand it.