Die cutters

The primary versions are the SP900E, the SP1080E, SP1120E, and also SP1260E up to the SP142E. Sanwa cutting and wrinkling platens

As an option to Bobst is the Sanwa automatic cutting and wrinkling platens, which are generated in Japan. Machines can either be supplied with removing and/or blanking unit, with speeds of up 7,000 – 8,000 sheets/per. The term die cutter is utilized for a press or equipment that cuts material in a defined form. The cuts made by a die cutter are sharp and also precise – plus, it hardly calls for any kind of ability. An additional advantage is that it saves a substantial quantity of time – even intricate shapes like those needed for making a present box can be reduced in an issue of seconds, as soon as the machine is established. A sheet of paper or any other material to be used is fed into the maker. The die moves with the sheet to cut the form as the sheet moves through the cutter. Flatbed Cutters – in these cutters, the cutting is done of a flatbed. The sheet of the material stays stationary, as well as the cutting head is brought down on it in an up-down activity. The cutter is capable of puncturing a solitary layer of product, and also is normally utilized for making labels, stamps, or stickers – the cutter will certainly reduce just via the sticker label, while leaving the glue support as it is.